Student MMCC
Student MMCC
About MMCC
WMI Mini Math Creative Competition encourages students to convey math in different ways of thinking through the things in our daily lives, such as art, music, architecture, sports, etc.
Students from Grade 3 to Grade 12 who participate in WMI finals.
Participation Method
1. Find a topic:
Choose an interested topic. For example, golden ratio, sequence, pythagorean theorem.
2. Make the outline:
Use English or Chinese to make the outline for the chosen topic.
3. Record the video :
(1) Make a PowerPoint file and record a video with presentation.
(2) The length of the video should be between 5 to 10 minutes, with the resolution of at least 720P (1280╳720).
(3) Please name the file in the format of “WMI Topic Student Name.”For example, “ WMI Football Probability Ben Wang.”
4. Submit the project :
(1) Please name the email subject in the format of “Student Name_ Mini Math Creative Competition.” For example, “Ben Wang Mini Math Creative Competition.”
(2) Please email both the PowerPoint file and the video to Evaluation Committee at by June 15th.
1. Grading :
Each project will be graded by members of the Evaluation Committee.
2. Evaluation Time :
June 15th to June 25th.
3. Evaluation method :
The PowerPoint and the video are account for 60 % and 40 % of the total score respectively.
4. Evaluation Committee :
WMI Committee
For transparency and fairness, WMI Organizing Committee invites coaches from each country and region to assist in proctoring and grading during the competition.
If the awarded project is not made by the student himself or herself, he or she will be accountable for any correlative legal liabilities. It will have nothing to do with WMI.