General Information
General Information
WMI Preliminary Round
The WMI Preliminary Round should be held by each WMI member's country or region between January and March. The students in the preliminary round got the Gold medal, Silver medal or Bronze medal will be invited to represent the nation attend the Final Round.
WMI Final Round
All the representative teams will gather in one city to participate the WMI Final Round on July. Students will be awarded in the award ceremony.
Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 can register for the competition.
WMI Competition problems are written in English,Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. If you would like to have the problems translated into your language, please send an email to WMI Organizing Committee at
Proctoring and Grading
For transparency and fairness, WMI Organizing Committee invites coaches from each country and region to assist in proctoring and grading during the competition.