2021 MMCC Winners
2021 MMCC Winners
Gold Award
How Math Can Be Used to Distribute Vaccines
Angela Clare Tan
Silver Award
Zeno's Paradox (Limits)
Nadya Heryanto
Bronze Award
Circumference of the Earth
Aldrich Haiderg Naiborhu
Bronze Award
Regular n-sided equation and commodity decision analysis on radar ehart
Huang,Po Chao
Bronze Award
Squaring Shapes & Squaring Numbers
Aireen Angelie Effendy
Merit Award
Of Pandemics and Percents
Dominique Joy Rustia
Combination and Permutation
Rhensis Benedict Lofamia
Covid 19 Data Counting
Eduardo Xaviero Bingei
Mathematics in Art
Monika Stoyanova
War Of Immune System
Assyifa Khanza Aqilah
5 balls in a line probability
Ng Chun Hin
Covid-19 pandemic
Alvaro Cahaya Susanto
Probability and Statistics
Arnav Nigam
Alan';s Ladder Problem
Changde Xiao
Volumes of solids
Louis Anderson Yapendi
Bar Graph
Oliver Hardy
Pascal's Triangle Surprises
Mazela Janique Lin
Circle and Sphere
Paul Wu
Gauss Methods
Alicia Sydney Alinskie
Shereen Malevani Zahra
Sean Sieto
Unit Of Measurement
Niklaus Tanujaya Chin
The Least Common Multiple
Winnetou Lielioe Danuprawiro
Math in Daily Life
Aiden Nicholas Christian Potro