World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) is the first international competition founded by Taiwan. It gathers institutes and organizations worldwide that make efforts in promoting and popularizing mathematics. Through interacting with other math-loving students that represent their countries, students can expand their worldview, experience different cultures, and thus their horizon as well as their future will be broaden.
WMI has gathered organizations from America, China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Macao, and Iran that give impetus to math education and popularization.The new friends from Bulgaria, India, Kazakhstan, Cambodia and Myanmar participate WMI in 2018. Australia, Brazil, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia and Laos participate WMI in 2019.
Nearly 20000 elites from all over the world attend WMI preliminary round in 2019, which make the final round both splendid and challenging. WMI final round was held in Seoul, Korea; Taipei, Taiwan; Guilin, China; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ;Incheon, Korea and Fukuoka,Japan. Due to the impact of the epidemic, we hold the WMI Final Round online or on-site in 2020 to 2022.
We don't want children to think inside the frame. Instead, we hope that they can solve math problems that they have never seen, and enjoy the fun in math together. This is a big feature of WMI.
1. WMI is a comprehensive competition. Students from kindergarten to senior high school can all participate in this competition.
2. WMI is an open and fair competition. All examination papers are graded by coaches from different countries and regions.
3. Student Mini Math Creative Competition One of WMI’s traditions is to invite students from around the globe to do a research project regarding math.
4. WMI organizing Committee makes great effort in designing problems that are innovative and extraordinary.
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